Dr. Paul Sohi is seeking the opportunity to serve as State Representative from District 28. Since graduating from Loyola University in 1989, Dr. Sohi has been serving the Cincinnati area by opening his pediatric dentistry office over 26 years. Paul Sohi is now seeing grandchildren of patients he saw as children. This shows how invested he is in the community for 2 generations. Paul Sohi is deep rooted in his commitment to the community he lives and serves in. Over these illustrious years he has helped over 45,000 patients across the greater Cincinnati area. He has also served as Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary of the Dental staff at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. As healthcare reform has been the main focal point of many candidates in the recent years, Dr. Sohi has shown that his heart is more important than his wallet. For he is one of few health care providers around the Tri-state area that will accept Medicaid, thus allowing him to help the community by offering healthcare to a wider range of patients in the surrounding communities. His commitment to serving others means he will listen and provide real solutions for the constituents in Cincinnati.
If elected I solemnly swear to protect your:

1.) Healthcare- I will use my extensive knowledge of Healthcare to make sure the constituents of District 28 are not shortchanged when it comes to the implementation of Obamacare. This knowledge will allow me to make sure that the Patient is benefitted.

2.) Safety: Violent crimes have been steadily increasing in Cincinnati, I believe that I can make a difference when it comes to the efficiency at which the Police Department works.

3.) Social Equality: To stop the prejudgement of race/background in governmental or judicial functioning by holding those who do not withhold this judgement responsible to public reprimands.