As we come into old age, we cannot afford to lose our health benefits. My 26 years of intricate hospital work gives me first hand experience in dealing with insurance companies. They continue to deny our benefits while making record profits year after year. Patients are forced by these pharmaceutical giants to use cheaper, generic drugs that are ineffective. Quality health care should be every US citizen’s birth right.

Social and Income Equality

I believe that people of different races, genders, disabilities, sexual orientations, and income classes should have equal rights and opportunities under the law. The criminal justice system is broken. Too many young people of color are in jail and left with no hope. The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world! Juries should better represent the accused. In addition, our police should better represent the demographics of the neighborhood they patrol.


I will fight for policies that protect and improve upon our education system. College today is affordable. I will reduce college tuition to a $200 per credit hour system to make college affordable within state universities.


I will advocate for enhancement and education within the community on renweable energy, recycling, and additional simple steps to improve the environment. Government policies should aim to help our ailing planet.

Women’s Rights

I will defend to protect women’s rights to equal pay, fair representation in government, and reproductive rights.

Union Rights

I will defend all union rights. It is a basic human right to work in an environment free from the threat of termination due to political views or actions.